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Intermediate Mite 4

2013-2014 Regular Season 2013-2014

Team Practices

No upcoming events found.

Peter Capouch


Andy Sweet

Team Rep

Rink Information

Plymouth Ice Center (PIC)

3650 Plymouth Blvd

Hat Trick Hockey

2201 Florida Ave. S St. Louis Park

Central Middle School (CMS)

305 Vicksburg Ln N

Skating with The Trojans

This Thursday Jan 2nd we skate with the trojans.

During 1st and 2nd Intermissions.  The game starts at 7 p.m.  Have the kids dressed and ready at 7:15 by vending machines at Parade Ice Center.

Parents need to pay to get into the game.  The boys Varsity Captains will try to come out after they skate to visit with the players and hand out posters.  Parents and Siblings need to be in the stands.  You can meet the kids after they skate by the vending machines on the lower level.

Team Jersey's

We get the Jerseys back Saturday.  Please bring $4 for Andy Sweet this weekend.