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Monday Night Skills

Monday Night Skills

Wayzata Hockey Clinics has provided WYHA with professionally-lead skills nights dating back to 2013. The WHC staff is made up of instructors with many years of experience teaching skill development to all ages. What separates the WHC model from the rest is consistency in these areas:

  • Top level instructors at each session
  • Short list of instructors to maintain quality and consistency of message to players
  • Organized and structured practice plans

The main focus of Monday Night Skills at WYHA is to teach foundational skills each week.
There will be a new theme each week, and it will follow a progression throughout the season.

For the upcoming season, the WHC staff has identified these 14 areas of skill development that will serve as themes each week.

1. Puck Control/Stickhandling
2. Puck Control Advanced (with backpressure, deception, dekes, etc.)
3. Passing - catching and making passes properly
4. Advanced Passing (drop passing, one touch, indirects, area, sauce, etc.)
5. J-hook (forward to forward pivots) passing
6. Basics of shooting
7. Shooting Advanced (one-timer, tips, backhands, etc.)
8. Puck Protection
9. Body Contact/Angling
10. Timing Concepts
11. Puck Support
12. Puck retrievals
13. Individual Competitions (1 on 1 battles, races, etc.)
14. Small Area Games/Full Ice Concepts

The practice structure for each 45 minute Monday Night Session will follow a similar format, and
can be broken down like this:

  • Skating Instruction - 15-20 minutes
  • Theme of the Night station-based drills - 25-30 minutes

The WHC staff will take time throughout each practice to break down each skill involved in the week’s theme. During this teaching time, it is important for coaches and players to pay attention to the technical aspects of the skill, so it can be further developed at regular team practices.

A big piece of what WHC provides WYHA on Monday Nights is coaching education. We strongly encourage coaches at all levels to attend Monday Skills Nights to learn, ask questions, and further their development as a coach. WHC will provide coaches with detailed practice plans for every Monday Night session. Coaches can take these plans and implement concepts from them in their own practices. The WHC staff is always available to answer questions about hockey development.

The WHC staff has many years of playing and coaching experience. WHC is continually adding and training new instructors. Our core staff is listed below for the 2022-2023 season.

  • Pat O’Leary, Head Coach - Wayzata HS, Owner - Individual Skills Clinics
  • Miles Death, Assistant Coach - Wayzata HS, Directory of Hockey Operations, WYHA
  • Bill Rooney, Assistant Coach - Wayzata HS
  • Derek Olson, Assistant Coach - Wayzata HS
  • Brad Podiak, Assistant Coach - Wayzata HS
  • Addison DeBoer, Assistant Coach - Wayzata HS, USHL Scout
  • Blake Sloan, Owner - Individual Skills Clinics
  • Mike Morin
  • Sam Majka
  • Trey Rooney
  • Alex Stevens