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Team Apparel


WYHA is please to announce we have approved Lettermen Sports and 24/7 SportzGear as approved apparel vendors for our association.  Link to both vendors sites are below.  

WYHA requires an Association-wide team apparel standard for ALL Boys and Girls Travel Level teams.  All travel players will need to purchase a navy CCM jacket as part of their team uniform.  Mites are not required to purchase this jacket, but may if they desire. The jacket is offered in lightweight, mid-weight or winter weight and any of these is acceptable. There is also a  Sport-Tec fitted women's navy jacket available that girls may choose as an alternative, however it is not offered in youth sizing. The player will have their name on the jacket, but there will be no year or team designation, which will allow players to use the same jacket for multiple seasons.  Lettermen Sports has fitting stock at the Plymouth location and you should stop in for a proper size selection before ordering. If your player already has a CCM jacket(or other brand navy jacket) like those that are being required, they may use that jacket.  

Teams may select whatever additional gear they would like for their players and fans from the Lettermen store or 24/7 SportzGear or from other sources as desired.

We would also ask that teams use the standardized WYHA logo on your official team gear. Contact WYHA if you need artwork. 

Team Level Items/Shops - Teams may purchase additional team-specific apparel.  If teams wish to personalize items with their team level, upon team formation, managers can work with Lettermen  or 24/7 to set up a team-specific shop to accommodate these items.

Approved WYHA Apparel Vendors


Please visit our trusted apparel partners 24/7 Active and Letterman Sports to preview this year’s options for Team Apparel and to begin ordering your spirit wear for the upcoming season. Also, new this year we have a new spirit wear partnership with The Sota Shop, a locally owned and Wayzata family operated vendor providing new custom options and clothing brands. Each of our partner stores can be found at the links below. Please see the below flyers for ordering windows and previews of this year’s offerings!