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Kyle Gregor Head Coach
Matt Roehl Assistant Coach
Paul Pickett Assistant Coach
Shawn Mathews Team Manager/Scrimmage Coordinator

Home game jersey/socks = White

Away game jersey/socks = Blue

District 3

Tournament 2022-23

February 25 to March 5, 2023.    

More information will be available prior to the start of the tournament.

Assigned team duties

Week Of... Home Scoreboard Home Box/Game Sheet Box (Home and Away)
2/5-2/11 Alberts Daftari Kuechle
2/12-2/18 Zimmerman Mazo Lankford
2/19-2/25 Smith Detrow Mathews
If you are not comfortable with the clock, please make arrangements to switch with another family 

Dryland Training

FHIT A-Skates, Gloves, Stick, Helmet and Water Bottle

FHIT B-Workout Gear, Athletic Shoes and Water Bottle