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    COVID-19 Preparedness

    Complete information on WYHA COVID Preparedness plan can be found here:

    Key Points:

    • A Coach or an Organization Representative must arrive 30 minutes prior to reservation and check-in with a Plymouth Ice Center Staff Person.  The Coach and/or Representative will be responsible for not allowing their group into the building until 15 minutes before their reserved time.  The Coach or Representative must stay with the group until the last person is picked up from the facility.
    • Groups and teams will be limited to two pods of 10 per ice sheet with a total of 20 people or less on the ice including coaches in those numbers.
    • One entry point and one exit point at PIC.  Entry will be through the main entrance of the building (front) and exit will be through the back of the building by the training center.
    • Minor athletes age 10 and under are allowed one adult chaperone during their event. The adult chaperone must practice safe social distancing (physical distancing).
    • General public will not be permitted to loiter or act as a spectator in the facility and will be asked to leave during this time period.
    • Athletes will be required to leave the premises 10 minutes after ice time (event) is complete.
    • Each rental group will be required to provide a COVID-19 protocol in advance which they will  adhere to during their time of the rental for the locker/meeting room and while on the ice.  This will need prior approval by PIC facility management before the rental.

    Wayzata Youth Hockey Association Board Elections

    Parents of all players registered in the Association and players over the age of 18 are members of Wayzata Youth Hockey Association.   At the WYHA Annual Meeting, WYHA Membership elect four members to the WYHA Board.  To become a board candidate, a member completes an application. 

    The application can be found in the banner at the top of this page, or by clicking here. Candidates can begin applying the week of March 9th.  The deadline for completing an application is March 30th.

    The WYHA Annual Meeting is Thursday, April 23rd, 6:30pm – 8:30pm at the Plymouth Ice Center, Center Ice Room. Voting for board candidates begins at 6:30pm, with the formal Annual Meeting starting at 7:00pm.  Voters must vote in person and can vote for up to four candidates. The four candidates with the most votes will be elected.  Election results will be announced at the end of the Annual Meeting after votes are tallied.

    The WYHA Board is comprised of individuals who are passionate about our players, coaches, families, and the entire Wayzata hockey community. Ideal candidates are interested in volunteering their time towards implementing change, participating in committees, and managing key functions to maintain and improve WYHA's high standards. 

    Prospective Board members are expected to actively participate in monthly meetings and may spend time throughout the month supporting Association matters, particularly during the hockey season. Board members may choose to participate and effect change in a variety of functions, including administration, finance/accounting, marketing, registration, equipment and jerseys, mite madness and other mite programs, boys and girls programs, volunteering, team management, and/or hockey operations. Board positions are three-year terms. 

    Please consider serving Wayzata Youth Hockey as a member of the WYHA Board.  

    Summer Hockey Clinic Registration Now Open

    Registration is open for the Wayzata Hockey Summer Clinics!   Wayzata High School Boys Head Coach Pat O’Leary, Wayzata High School Girls Head Coach Taylor Williamson, and their respective coaching staff teach all sessions. 

    Summer clinics are offered for Mites through High School levels, including:

    • Summer Mite Shinny Hockey
    • Evening Mite Skating and Shooting Clinic (Monday nights)
    • Squirt Summer Development Program
    • Peewee STP
    • Bantam STP
    • Boys High School STP 
    • Girls U8/U10 Summer Development Program
    • Girls U12/U15 Summer Development Program
    • Girls High School

    SUMMER CLINIC DETAILS:  Register by March 1, 2020 and receive 10% off(no discount for Evening Mites).  To register for Summer, visit:

    SPRING CLINIC DETAILS:  It’s not too late to register for Spring clinics including Skating & Scoring or Defense & Checking.  To register for Spring, visit:

    For detailed information on the Spring AND Summer Clinics, go to:

    If you have any questions about the clinics, please email or call 763-553-0737.

    2020 FHIT and MAP Membership Program

    The 2020 FHIT and MAP Membership Program are now taking priority registration for WYHA players. This priority registration ensures that any WYHA player looking to train with us this off-season will have a spot. After November 15th our registration opens to the public and we will fill most age groups. 

    Come experience our expert coaching staff in a competitive and fun environment!

    Click on the PDF below to learn more and also to link to the site to reserve your spot!

    If you have any questions about or programs please feel free to contact us or 763.577.9990

    WYHA Policy

    WYHA promotes, sponsors, provide facilities for and organizes a program dedicated to recreation, sportsmanship, and excellence in ice hockey for youth in School District 284. WYHA provides a competitive ice hockey program, both recreational and developmental, designed to meet the needs of all youth ages 5-19. Each participant has the opportunity to compete at the level best suited to aid in the development of his or her individual physical and mental qualities.  

    Please direct your comments to us at


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    WYHA Safesport Program

    WYHA is committed to creating a safe and positive environment for its participant’s physical, emotional, and social development and to ensure that it promotes an environment free from abuse and misconduct.  As part of this commitment WYHA will be following the recommendations and guidelines defined in the USA Hockey Safesport Program Handbook. For more detailed information on the Safesport program visit our webpage here.

    Team Apparel

    Click on this Link to to go the Team Apparel Page. 

    Interested in becoming a Sponsor?

    Sponsor a WYHA Team

    Sponsor a WYHA Team

    WYHA needs Team Sponsors for the upcoming 2019-2020 season, if interested, go to our sponsor page for more information.

    The Wayzata Way -- From Head Hockey Coach Pat O'Leary

    The Wayzata Way revolves around the culture of how we want our young athletes to carry themselves and represent our families, cities and programs.

    We want our Hockey Players to be recognized as great young student athletes on and off the ice.

    Concussion Report Form

    We like to have you report when a concussion happens, please help us keep track of these type of injuries and get help. Thanks!

    Concussion education through the CDC

    Concussion training a 15 minute course to give you knowledge on concussions.

    Charitable Gambling

    All profit goes directly to the Wayzata Youth Hockey Association to assist in keeping hockey affordable for all.

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